Connections Happen in the Heart

Join us for our Hear For The Holidays Open House

When hearing fades, so can your thinking, and so can your relationships. Our technology works with your technology — your brain — to focus your hearing so you can stay connected with life. Make sure you can hear every special moment this holiday season.

Complimentary hearing screenings, otoscopy, and device cleanings, plus be entered to win holiday giveaways at each office!

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  • Karen Melton, Au.D., CCC-A

    Doctor of Audiology

    David Shepard, HIS

    Hearing Instrument Specialist

    Lynn Royer, M.Ed., BC-HIS

    Hearing Instrument Specialist

    Lee Supitilov, HIS

    Hearing Instrument Specialist

    620 Walton Dr
    Farmington, Missouri 63640