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Aural Rehabilitation

Aural rehabilitation is the process of helping someone effectively adjust to and manage his or her hearing loss. Methods of rehabilitation are focused on helping overcome the challenges caused by hearing loss, therefore improving the quality of day-to-day life. We use aural rehab in our practice as an important component in the overall care of our patients. We don’t just see our patients as a set of ears disconnected from the overall person. We know that there is much more to you than your hearing loss.

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Cochlear Implants

Hearing aids amplify and enhance sound for someone with hearing loss. If a person has severe hearing loss or is deaf, a cochlear implant may provide them with a useful representation of sound that a hearing aid would not be able to do. Cochlear Implants bypass the ear to directly stimulate the auditory nerve.

How Cochlear Implants Work

Cochlear Implant

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